Book of Ra
Book of Ra
Book of Ra
Slot Details
RTP96%VolatilityVery HighJackpotFixed
Min. Bet €0.02Max. Bet €5

Slot Overview
NameBook of RaReleasedJune 2020ProviderNovamatic
PlatformDesktop, Tablet, MobileFeatures Free Spins, Wild Spins, Bonus Games, Scatter Symbols

Book of Ra online free play review

The Book of Ra online slot game was created by Novomatic, a well-known software developer. It is a game that many frequent slot gamers are already extremely familiar with because it was first introduced in 2005. Despite the fact that the game itself is relatively simple, it remains a fantastic choice for players who are new to the world of online slots or who simply want a plain experience at an online casino. The Egyptian-themed Book of Ra slot machine has nine paylines. It's your chance to investigate a mystery golden tomb and find out what valuables it contains. It's no wonder that the Book of Ra remains a popular choice among gamers, thanks to its hefty awards and a wealth of extra features. The stake sizes permitted range from 0.02 to a maximum of 5 per line. Furthermore, the game now offers the potential to win a progressive jackpot identical to those offered by games such as Microgaming's Mega Moolah. This greatly enhances the game's appeal.

Book of Ra Theme

Those who enjoy all things Egyptian will find the Book of Ra online slot to be very appealing. This section contains scarabs, an examination of the authentic Book of Ra, pharaohs, and a few other Egyptian-based symbols. The one disadvantage is that this is an old game in the world of online slots, so it appears a little out of date, and it lacks a bunch of special theme-related additional features that many of the newer locations give, such as free spins and multipliers.

Apart from that, the Book of Ra slot machine is well-known, with many players dubbing it "legendary." The game, which Novomatic initially introduced to us in 2005, has continued to generate headlines. Because it is such a popular game, it has been named one of the most popular games in various countries throughout the world, including the United States.

With its Egyptian-inspired symbols and fun mini-games, you're guaranteed to have a good time spinning the 5-reel game, which does actually outperform comparable themed slots in terms of amusement.

The Book of Ra slot machine game has a number of bonus features that can be unlocked by using the Book of Ra symbol itself. Among the features available are free spins, wild spins, bonus games, and even scatter symbols. Bets on the game can be set as low as 0.02 per line, making it a highly customizable game with a 95% Return to Player rate and 2x multipliers.

Book of Ra RTP and Volatility

The return on investment (RTI) and volatility of the slot machine can make or break a game. A machine with a low return on investment (RTI) will not be enjoyable because you will realise that your funds are swiftly drained (statistically speaking). Volatility, on the other hand, is a personal preference. Some people favour higher volatility slots with large winners, while others prefer lower volatility slots with smaller wins that occur more frequently.

The Book of Ra has a return to player (RTP) of 92.13 percent. It is undoubtedly at the lower end of the scale when compared to the most popular online slots. Indeed, because the casino must pay for the upkeep of the facility, the maintenance of the hardware, and so on, the rewards on gaming machines in genuine casinos must be a little lower. Because internet casinos are not subject to this restriction, they can frequently provide return on investment (RTI) rates in the 95 percent range. Indeed, some online slots have return on investment (RTI) rates of more than 97 percent!

When it comes to volatility, the Book of Ra slot machine falls somewhere in the middle. Volatility is not great, but it is also not negligible. In other words, if you play this online game, you'll have a good chance of winning.

How To Play Book of Ra

Playing Book of Ra is a simple activity. To begin, select the number of lines to play (from one to nine) and the amount to bet on each spin of the reels. Once you've mastered that, press the spin button to begin the game. This slot is really easy to play. There are no precise auto-spin rules or criteria that you can employ to spice up your game. There are no glittery, overly complicated bonuses to be acquired. The vast majority of people will select nine lines and wager on each one. After then, they'll keep spinning until they decide to stop!

Book of Ra Bonus Rounds and Gamble Feature

If you're a regular slot player, you're probably aware of the numerous bonus rounds and features available. It is, however, the only mistake in the Book of Ra in this regard. It just doesn't have as many different games for you to play. Aside from collecting great prizes, the only things to look forward to in this game are the free spins rounds and the gamble function. Every winning spin you receive may be risked for the potential to treble your winnings if you're feeling very lucky. To use the Gamble option, you must go through a two-step selection process. First, choose either black or red cards and then wait a few minutes to see which colour gets flipped. You can then wager your earnings up to five times in order to boost your chances of winning up to five times your original prize. Although it is a simple bonus game, many players appreciate the ability to trigger it whenever they win even a modest amount of money.

Book of Ra Scatter Symbols

Typically, Novomatic's slot machines are uncomplicated affairs. The advanced games are left in the hands of third-party corporations. Instead, this software provider offers additional game features that players may grip onto and hold onto for a long time. If the extra symbol that emerges during your free spins round transforms into a scatter and appears in multiples, your chances of winning increase by a factor of two or three. For example, if two, three, or even more scatter symbols develop to span the full reel set, you will receive many scatter payouts—the higher the value of the symbol, the better your chances of winning. Even if you simply get a high card symbol, you could win up to 100 times your initial investment. As you can see, the Book of Ra slot machine may appear simple, but it offers players the chance to win a large quantity of money.

Book of Ra Free Spins

Aside from the prospect of winning free spins when playing the Book of Ra online slot, you may also claim a welcome bonus or cashback bonus to use on your favourite slot machine. The free spins feature is triggered by the wild symbols. They are the ones who cause the scatters to go off. When your free spins begin, the Book of Ra appears on your screen, and the symbols from the regular game begin to glide across the screen one by one. One of the symbols will eventually land on the book, and that symbol will act as your special symbol for the duration of the free spins bonus round. The sign then expands and can be utilised to produce rewards like a scatter symbol. In other words, as long as you have a sufficient number of symbols on your reels, you are not needed to line up the symbols from left to right. Your unique symbols will expand when there are enough winning symbols to form a winning combination. The jackpot is then divided across all of the pay lines that you were fortunate enough to win on.

Book of Ra Jackpots the Explorer

When you play the Book of Ra online slot game, the book acts as the wild symbol, and it may be used to substitute any other symbol on the reels, allowing you to win the maximum prize. The Explorer, on the other hand, proves to be the most useful aspect in this game. If you collect five Explorers in a row, you will be eligible for up to 5,000 tokens. When you get five Pharaohs in a row on the slot machine, you'll be awarded 2,000 tickets, the game's second most valued feature. Book of Ra is also part of Novomatic's progressive jackpot network, which means that if you keep playing with the maximum wager amount, you may become a millionaire overnight. That's how games like Mega Moolah work, where a portion of each player's wager is added to the main prize pool, from which a lucky victor will eventually walk away with the full pot of money.

Book of Ra Gameplay

You will be taken to the mysterious region of the Pyramids while playing the Egyptian-themed slots game. The goal of Book of Ra Slots is to land a winning combination of five matching symbols on one of the game's nine paylines. You can place a bet on one or more paylines at any point during the game. You can also change the amount of your bet by using the - and – signs in the betting box. Once you've made your pick, click the 'Start' button to begin spinning the Book of RA and watching what symbols appear on the reels. In terms of gameplay, this online slots game is not considerably different from other Slots games. However, don't be fooled by the outward aspect of things. The mini-games, free spins, and extra bonuses activated by the Book of Ra symbols, which have three different functions – Wild, Scatter, and Bonus symbols – set this game apart from the other Egyptian-themed slots available.

Book of Ra Odds and Payouts

As previously indicated, there are ten distinct symbols. In terms of pay, some are far more lucrative than others. The symbols and the amount you can expect to win from a $1 wager are listed below (bearing in mind that they scale evenly, so if you bet $5 per line, you'd need to multiply the amount by 5 to figure out how much you'd win).

It pays $5 to get three of a kind on the number 10, and $100 to get all five. A: $5 for three games in a row, and $150 for all five games.

The colour purple Obtaining two or more in a row earns you $5; getting five or more earns you $750. It's $5 for two persons and $750 for all five for the Pharoah.

Mummy: $5 for every two persons in a pay line, and $2,000 for every five people on a pay line. Tickets cost $18 for three on a pay line and $1,800 for all five.

· Man: $10 for two consecutive victories and $5,000 for all five victories.

Important: While these odds appear to be high ($5 for three 10s in a row in the example above), keep in mind that when you spend $1 per line and there are nine lines, you're wagering $9 per spin. As a result, even if you get three 10s in a row, you'll still lose $4 on that game. Furthermore, you could win by receiving 10s on many pay lines!

Book of Ra Play for Real Money

Novomatic's Book of Ra slot machine is without a doubt one of the company's most successful offerings. As a result, it seems to reason that you should be able to access it from your desktop computer, tablet computer, or mobile phone. The game appears to be the same on both desktop and mobile devices, and all functions are available. You may enjoy playing Book of Ra whenever and wherever you want, whether you choose a casino with a mobile app or one with Instant Play mode.


  • The Egyptian theme is amusing.
  • The jackpot is a solid fixed prize.
  • Exceptional bonus round
  • The game is quite simple to learn.


  • There are just a limited number of paylines.
  • Visuals that are out of date

Our Conclusion

This review proved to be quite difficult. There's no disputing that Book of Ra is a fun online slot to play, and it was once considered the pinnacle of internet gaming when it first came out. There are, however, a plethora of other more "flashy" or "exciting" games available that demand you to give them a try. Despite being fascinating, it's tough to ignore that Book of Ra is a little out of date. As a result, Book of Ra is among the best video slots accessible right now.

As long as you can get over it, you'll have a nice time. The Egyptian theme, symbols, and mini-games are all enjoyable, as is the entire experience. When looking for something spectacular and visually attractive, on the other hand, you might want to explore elsewhere.


What is the book of Ra?

For many years, Book of Ra has been a popular online slot game. Novomatic invented and maintains the Book of Ra video slot. It has swiftly moved to the top of the list of most popular online slots. It has a beautiful Egyptian theme and simple, approachable gameplay.

Who made the book of ra?

Novomatic developed the Book of Ra slot machine. Initially, they concentrated on inventing games for land-based casinos (and still do). They later ventured out into the internet gaming industry, where they have since acquired a significant footing. As a result, there are various highly rated Novomatic slots at both brick-and-mortar and online casinos all over the world!

Is the book of ra good?

This slot machine is a robust, sturdy machine that is appropriate for both novice and advanced gamers. It provides a variety of payline alternatives from which to choose, allowing you to diversify your prize chances.

Where can I play Ra Online?

Those who want to check out the Book of RA game for free can do so by going to one of the many online casinos that provide this option. In most cases, you will be needed to register your details before being able to play the game for free; however, this is not always the case. If you'd like to try some other free casino games, go to our free Slots page, where you'll find a range of additional Slots g