Play'n GO
Slot Details
paylinesCluster PaysReels7Rows7
Min. Bet €0.20Max. Bet €100

Slot Overview
NameReactoonzReleasedJune 2020ProviderPlay'n GO
PlatformDesktop, Tablet, MobileFeaturesGargantoon, Quantum Leap, Quantum Features


Reactoonz is a Play'n GO slot game that is entertaining and amusing, and it was introduced in late 2017. It sends aliens down from space and onto your computer screen, where they are displayed in vibrant and spectacular visuals. This is not your standard slot machine, as the software developer incorporates some previously unseen gaming components into the mix. It is the 7x7 grid that is the first and most visible feature, which is rare for video slots. Of course, we can't ignore the fact that there are no paylines in Reactoonz, which has been replaced with the Cluster Pays system.


Play n' Go has gone all-out in terms of the adorable factor in this game. This game has a slew of endearing, brightly colored alien characters that are all longing to be reunited with their space-bound friends. It doesn't matter whether your alien has one eye, two eyes, or three eyes; there's simply something so endearing about them that you'll have an overpowering want to bring them home with you.

From the top of the screen, symbols fall down and over one another to cover the grid, much like an alien version of ‘Connect 4’. A winning combination is formed by characters of the same color that are five or more in number. A piece of pleasant music, which compliments the game's cheerful and vivid manner, contributes to the interplanetary setting. This is one of those online slots that not only has a positive air about it but also has a lot of features to offer.


There are a few important pieces of information that each online player should be aware of before participating in a real-money game. This is referred to as the RTP (Return to Player) of the game and the volatility of the game. These are the numbers that are most likely to determine whether or not a game is appropriate for your bankroll as well as your preferred style of play. When opposed to games with higher RTP values, games with lower RTP values tend to take bigger sums of money from the player's wagers over the course of a long period of time. The volatility of a game impacts the amount and frequency with which it wins. The return to player (RTP) of Reactoonz is about 96.51 percent; however, this will fluctuate according to the individual casino. Anything beyond 96 percent is considered a decent return on investment, and Reactoonz is quite generous in this regard. The slot machine has a significant level of variation, so much so that Play n' Go gives it a perfect score of 10/10 in the volatility stakes. Therefore, the game is more likely to produce little wins on a frequent basis, but when significant victories are achieved, they are more likely to be substantial. You can win up to 4570x your spin value as a maximum during each cascade.


It's easy to get started with the Reactoonz for real money game. Then, using the coin value meter at the bottom of the screen, you may decide how much you wish to gamble once your deposit has been received. Mobile devices, as well as desktop and laptop computers, can be used to place bets for as low as 20 cents each spin. Following the selection of your stake amount, click either the ‘spin' or the 'auto spin' buttons to begin the game. Your extra-terrestrials will then be drawn into the grid. If you have a combination of five or more matching aliens, you have earned a victory. Those alien symbols are no longer visible and have been replaced by new ones. Aliens will continue to spawn until you run out of winning combos.


In a single spin, it is possible to win many times. You will see a big three-eyed alien to the right of the game screen, which you must avoid. Gargantoon is the name of this character. The quantum jump, which is located above him, is a machine—obtaining a successful combination in a ‘single spin’ results in energy generation for the quantum leap machine. When you have accumulated enough power, you will be rewarded with one of five additional features. Each of these other features is triggered at the conclusion of a single spinning reel.


Whenever you win, the meter on the left fills up. We say "every win" because this is a cascading reels slot, which means that when you get a winning combination, the symbols on the reels disappear, and new ones fall from above.

Because the winnings flow in quickly and easily, even if there are no free spin bonus games as there are in the Golden Ticket slot, it appears as like you are getting a lot of free spins in this game.

But be careful, for this is all a hoax to trick you. The gains you obtain in a typical situation without the meters are minor and inconsequential.


It all comes down to creating a chain reaction of victories. When you accumulate enough points, you will be able to trigger one of four bonus features, each of which will provide you with extra wilds, change symbols into better-paying symbols, and award you with 2x multipliers on your winnings.


All Ways Pay and Cascading Reels: In order to win, you must line up five or more symbols that are touching each other either vertically or horizontally.

The winning symbols will then vanish, and new ones will begin falling down from above to take their place. It's a feature that has become popular thanks to games like "Gonzo's Quest."

Quantum Leap Charge Meters: Every win moves the meter to the right, and the features listed below will be activated after the chain reaction of spins has come to a conclusion.

You can choose to activate one or all four, with the exception of the following, which is picked at random:

  • Implosion: In this case, three to six symbols will be transformed into wild symbols, but any nearby touching symbols will be destroyed as well.
  • Alteration: Select 1 of the one-eyed symbols (low paying), and all of the matching symbols are transformed into a different symbol (see below) (could be high paying). If there are no one-eyed symbols on the grid, the feature will select any other symbol from the available options.
  • Demolition: Destroys all one-eyed (low-paying) symbols on the screen.
  • Incision: This command places a wild symbol in the center of the grid and produces two intersecting diagonal lines running through it. The identical symbol will be shown on both lines at that point.

The Gargantoon Feature: This feature is triggered if you manage to gain enough victories to activate all four of the features listed above - you will then receive this feature as well.

Magic happens next, as the Gargantoon first adds a 3x3 wild sign to the grid in a random spot, followed by another 3x3 wild symbol. If no other cascades are conceivable, the wild symbol becomes two 2x2 wild symbols, and so on until it becomes nine 1x1 wild symbols at the conclusion of the game.

Random Wild Drop: After every non-winning spin, the Gargantoon can drop anywhere from 4 to 8 more wilds on the Reactoonz slot screen, depending on how many spins have gone wrong.

Giantoonz: Whenever four identical normal symbols are placed next to each other in a square shape, Giantoonz is automatically formed. If one or more Giantoonz are involved in a winning combination, the amount of the winnings are doubled. Fluctuating Symbol: The fluctuating spin is chosen at random before each spin and is represented by one of the symbols on the wheel. If it is a component of a winning combination, it leaves behind two wilds that can be used to assist form other winning combinations.



  • 4,750x max win
  • There are variety of bonus features
  • Above-average RTP


  • No free spins

HOW TO PLAY REACTOONZ FOR REAL MONEY How to Play Reactoonz for Real Money

Now that you've learned about the game's many features and, hopefully, had the opportunity to check out the free trial, all that's left is for you to spend your hard-earned money on Reactoonz. In order to play online for the first time, all you have to do is pick a casino, create an account, make a deposit, and claim a bonus.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the betting limitations before you begin playing Reactoonz online to avoid overspending your money while playing the game. If you feel that the minimum betting restrictions are too high for your blood pressure, there are a variety of additional alternatives to consider.


When you first start using Reactoonz, it may appear to be a bit complex and complicated; however, you have to sort of go with the flow and watch what occurs until you start to get the feel of it. Play'n GO has become a specialist in developing these sorts of cluster slots, which have been highly popular in recent years. The promise is undeniable, as the primary game provides for a great deal of action and intensity as the player attempts to charge the meters as quickly as possible. The gaming engine is exceptional, as is the mathematical model, which is perfectly balanced despite the game's volatile character.

Reactoonz, on the other hand, maybe quite tilting at times. It's not unusual to make it to the third or fourth bar only to have all of your hard work erased in an instant. Furthermore, you should anticipate the Gargantoon to position itself in the most inconvenient location possible on the grid. The game's overall quality, on the other hand, is exceptional. Reactoonz is not only one of Play'n GO's greatest cluster slots, but it's also one of the company's best games ever produced.


How do the Quantum Leap features work?

The charge meters are increased with each win, and a full meter adds a Quantum Leap feature to the queue. They can turn symbols into wilds, change a low-value character into a wild, demolish a low-value symbol, and add a random character to the grid, among other things. Charging all five meters activates the Gargantoon feature, which divides the reels into multiple wilds when they have been fully charged.

Is Reactoonz scam-free?

Yes, Reactoonz is completely free of scams. As a well-known software company product, this game is subjected to regular testing to ensure that it is fair and that players are kept safe. Thus, you will be able to relax and enjoy your time while playing.

What is the best place to play Reactoonz?

When it comes to the demo mode, any reputable casino or casino-related website, such as, will be enough to satisfy your needs. Once actual money has been invested, choosing a genuine operator with a strong reputation and top-tier services is necessary. The best option would differ based on one's requirements.

Can I free play the Reactoonz slot online?

Find a reputable Play'n GO casino site, and you'll be able to try out this slot machine in demo mode for free, either on your computer or on your smartphone or tablet. If you live in the United Kingdom, you may be required to register or log in first.